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MAHER DIŞ TİCARET is one of Turkey's most powerful companies in the automotive spare parts industry; has been operating since 1982 with its rich product range, high availability and fast service principle.
MAHER DIŞ TİCARET assumes a determining task in market conditions and delivering to its customers with its widespread sales network for automobile and light commercial vehicle brands of both Asian and European origin all kinds of spare parts they need, especially mechanical, body shell , electrical and electronic components.

MAHER DIŞ TİCARET provides wholesale service to every region of Turkey with more than 50,000 product types, more than 40 international brands and more than 200 expert personnel and a total of 30.000 square meters of storage space in the İzmir, İstanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakır and Kocaeli branches.
With the principle of "Your business is our business" of MAHER DIŞ TİCARET; keeps price, quality and service performance at the highest level. "MAHER DIŞ TİCARET has been bringing the MAHER brand, which is produced by the important manufacturers of the industry in accordance with international standards and strengthening its strength in the market with its product quality, since 2007.