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Our Human Resources Policies SHARE

MAHER DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. is aware that rapidly growing and changing competition superiority is obtained with the invested brain power.

Our Company has determined increase and develop the perfection and value of high performance in all activities as the main principle. We truly believe the necessity of providing equal working opportunities. This principle is applicable for all stages of business life from job advertisements to recruiting and positioning, from promotions to status changes, from various applications relating to employees to salary and other benefits & training selections.

Providing a qualified, peaceful and warm working environment where personal and corporate values are shared guarding material and non-material rights of our employees.

Our Company has obtained the place it deserves in the sector with the knowledge it has and the technological systems it uses.

We are aware that prioritizing and improving commitments of our employees following a transparent and equal management policy is the basic criteria for preservation of the brain power we have.

Our basic principles are to maintain our leader structure in the sector we activate continuously keeping our target high; provide permanent superiorities creating differences, to share success with all employees of ours.

Improving motivations of our employees and ensuring equality of opportunity amongst all our employees constitute foundation of our human resources approach on the way to become a global brand.

Our Human Resources Policy created with this vision aims to meet the manpower requirements in line with the strategic plans and objectives of our Company and to ensure assessment of this power in the most efficient manner and to maintain continuity of the same.

In line with this Policy of ours, creating training and self-improving opportunities for our employees and increasing their productiveness to the highest level forming carrier maps for them are the veins feeding us on this long journey.

What has brought MAHER DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. to this point is that our corporate culture and basic principles are adopted by all employees and that all our employees and senior management personnel keep themselves open for continuous learning and development.

This policy being in the first place, reviewing and updating all our human resources applications based upon today’s conditions and thus ensuring continuous development thereof keeping it in a dynamic structure is our basic policy.